The Forecastle

1. Bitts

A post mounted on the ship’s bow, for fastening ropes or cables. Here used to ensure Wellington’s cable is secure. Bollards are similar but found ashore.

2. Hawse Pipe

The anchor cable passes through this tube. The anchors are attached at the ends. If you look at the photo of the ship on the home page you can see the cables leading to below the water, to the anchors on the seas bed. (But not here on the Thames!)

3. Steel Deck

Painted with marine paint to prevent rust. Can be any colour to suit company colour scheme. What were decks made from before they were metal?

4. Chains

What will you find on the sea end of this cable?

5. Fairlead

A fairlead is a device to guide a line, rope or cable around an object, out of the way or to stop it from moving laterally.

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