The Model Room

1. Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark was the fastest tea clipper of its time and can still be seen today at Greenwich, even though she was damaged in a fire during 2007. Launched in 1869, she was built to carry tea on the China Run and the fastest ships got the best prices for the tea. For more information, click hereCan you find out the origin of the name ‘Cutty Sark’?

2. Drum

A brass and copper oil container from the lighting equipment of Algueda Reef Lighthouse, Burma. Decorated with three lions’ heads around the top and supported on three cloven feet on a circular ring.
Find Burma on the map. What is Burma called now?

3. Chair

One of a pair, this chair was part of the original furnishings in the First-class lounge of the ‘Aquitania’. They were presented to the ship by Cunard as a tribute to Commodore Sir James T W Charles, who commanded the ‘Aquitania’ from 1918-1928. You can find an example of this chair by clicking here.

4. Staircase

This grand staircase was originally built for the ferry ship Viper, which sailed between the Isle of Man and Belfast in the early years of the 20th century. Viperwas being dismantled when the Wellington was being refurbished after World War II, for use as the floating Livery Hall for the Honourable Company of Master Mariners.

5. Globe

A 30in terrestrial globe made by W & A K Johnston Ltd in the late 19th Century, mounted in a brass meridian. Although there is no date on the globe, we know that it was before 1917 because it shows Russia and not the Soviet Union. Look at a globe and find the Equator and the Greenwich Meridian. Why is this Meridian important? Do you know another name for it?

6. Bell

Brass Ship’s bell of RMS Carmania, 1905 Commissioned as auxiliary cruiser August 7th 1914. Engaged and sank the German armed merchant cruiser Cap Trafalgar September 14th 1914 off Trinidad. The ship was built by Brown, Clydebank, for Cunard; launched 21 February 1905, completed 16 November 1905 and sold for demolition in 1932. Why do ships have and how do they use a bell?

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