Artsmark is an exciting and inspirational arts and cultural education journey for the children and teachers in your school. Onboard HQS Wellington we have made a commitment to help our visiting schools to be successful with their Artsmark voyage. We aim to fulfil the quality principles embedded into the Artsmark Award through offering truly engaging and interactive cultural sessions for your children.

The Quality Principles are:

  1. Strive for excellence and innovation
  2. Being authentic
  3. Being exciting, inspirational and engaging
  4. Ensuring a positive and inclusive experience
  5. Actively involving children and young people
  6. Developing belonging and ownership

All of our Primary School Sessions are FREE and offer opportunities for the children to come onboard the WWII warship to experience our unique teaching environment. Education sessions are held on our Quarter Deck (heated in the cooler months) with unsurpassed views of the working river, and across the vessel so the children leave with a full understanding of what it means to work on a ship. All our sessions are fully interactive with the children engaging with their learning through role play and experiential education principles.

We offer cultural education for primary school children looking at Rivers & Trade (Geography)  and Wellington in WWII (History) .


You can find out more about Artsmark through their website. A great place to start your Artsmark journey is by going to your local Bridge organisation. In London that is A New Direction.

We are always willing to support your Artsmark journey through partnering with you. Should you wish to explore possibilities contact our Education Development Officer.

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