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The secondary education programme offers two different strands, one for Gifted and Talented groups and one for Vocational groups.

KS3 The Good Shepherd? – Gifted and Talented extension

Enquiry based session exploring the fate of the 51st Highland Division after the Dunkirk evacuation.

An excellent extension for your able students who you are trying to encourage to take History as one of their options. Your students will engage in enquiry based learning using original and replica objects to help them build a picture of what happened to the 51st Highland Division. Their partial escape from the Germans at St Valery-en-Caux and the fate of those captured and sent to prisoner-of-war camps.

Does HMS Wellington deserve the title The Good Shepherd for her part in helping to rescue the beleaguered troops, or was the rescue mission a failure?

What does it mean to be a Prisoner-of-War? What are your rights and responsibilities?

We are currently looking for a school to help us trial this session. If you would be interested please contact our Education Development Officer


KS4 Convoy – Gifted and Talented extension

An analysis and experiential learning based session exploring the crucial role of ships in the Merchant Navy and Royal Navy during the Battle of the Atlantic in WWII

Following an introduction to the Battle of the Atlantic and an engaging interactive exploration of ship terminology, students will be split into three groups to rotate around the following workshops.


A computer interactive, giving students a hands-on experience of the pressures of controlling a convoy. Followed by a tour of the ship.


Introduction to naval navigation techniques taught by an experienced Master Mariner. A practical demonstration of the value of maths in the workplace.


Guided by school staff the students will investigate primary source materials to answer searching questions.


Learning experiences will be explored and discussed in a whole group plenary followed by a Q&A with our Master Mariner about possible futures in maritime based careers.


KS4  Vocational

We aim to keep the pace of the study day at a level consistent with the needs of your students to maintain high levels of engagement and learning. Students will be introduced to the role of HMS Wellington through film and mobile interactive experiences.


They will then rotate around three workshops;


A computer interactive, giving students a hands-on experience of controlling a convoy.


Navigation and tour

Following a brief introduction to basic navigation the students will be led by our Master Mariner to explore the ships layout and gun posts in detail.


On Watch

A highly interactive workshop giving an opportunity to experience the tasks involved in a sailors job including communications such as semaphore, Morse code and the bell. Also to explore new technologies in WWII and their use in the theatre of war.


A final whole group Q&A with our Master Mariner will pull together the students’ experiences and learning.


With prior discussion we can alter elements to make it suitable and specific to the needs of your students. Please contact our Education Development Officer at

The ship can accommodate up to 30 students but we are happy to run study days for smaller groups if required.



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