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HMS WELLINGTON began her successful career in the 1930s. Laid down in September 1933 at Devonport Dockyard, launched in May 1934, she entered service in January 1935. Her purpose was as an Imperial Patrol Sloop destined for the New Zealand Station. She was a Grimsby Class Sloop and displaced 990 tons with a cruising speed of 10 knots and a maximum speed of 16 knots.

She had a crew of 107: a Commanding Officer, four other Commissioned Officers, two Warrant Officers, and one hundred other ranks.

She was armed with two 4.7-inch guns, one forward and one aft, and one 3-inch high-angle gun that served for anti-aircraft defence. During the Second World War, she was fitted with an Anti-Submarine Projector called a Hedgehog which fired 24 spigot mortars ahead of the ship. HQS Wellington has a replica on board today.

WELLINGTON was decommissioned after the war, but remained the property of the Queen until the ship was sold to the Honourable Company of Master Mariners as their Livery Hall, and styled as Headquarters Ship (HQS).


Our "South Asian Seafarers" exhibition, telling the story of the seamen who played such an important role in opening up the trade routes to and from the Indian Subcontinent and in both World Wars in the last century. Learn about their roles at sea, how they often worked in difficult conditions, and over 400 years contributed to the success of the British shipping industry.

Steer the ship via Immersive Interactive Experience for all the family in the Wheelhouse, where you stay in the ‘real world’ but with digital enhancement, feel part of what you see in front of you. Respond to the Captain’s commands and play your part in a successful convoy expedition.

The former warship, HQS Wellington, has a treasure trove of paintings, ships models and artefacts on board for visitors to see when wandering around the ship on Sundays and Mondays. We'll be opening soon and you can be the first to know.


Covid-permitting we will be opening soon and you will be able to come onboard on Sundays and Mondays 11am to 5pm. Last tour 4pm.

Adults £7.50, children under 16 and those with a student card or a student rail card are FREE.

We have worked hard to be Covid safe. To help us manage capacity once we open, we encourage all visitors to pre-book their tickets online in advance.

Your temperature will be taken when you come on board and we ask that you wear face masks, follow our safety signs and socially distance in line with Government guidelines. Hand sanitisers are situated at a number of locations on the ship.

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