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The Wellington, built in 1934, is a Grimsby class sloop and became a convoy escort ship in the Second World War, escorting more than 100 convoys of merchant shipping to and from our shores. After many years of distinguished service, she is now a highly visible and much-loved central London landmark, moored on the banks of the River Thames between the cities of London and Westminster.

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The Wellington Trust, which owns the ship, is a registered charity and we work tirelessly to preserve this wonderful vessel today and for future generations to come.

However, it’s a never-ending task and we need your support to be able to continue to take care of her, preserving her against the ravages of time and tide on her almost ninety-year-old hull.

This unique and historic vessel serves as a platform to promote study and education through the Wellington Trust’s successful schools programmes, and our lectures, exhibitions and other onboard and online events.

We need your help, NOW.

We are determined that, unlike many other historic vessels and heritage sites, this unique ship will not be permitted to fall into any kind of disrepair.

  • Our aim is the continued restoration and maintenance to preserve the ship
  • Our mission is to educate and celebrate the history and traditions of the British Merchant Navy
  • Our ambition is to welcome you on board to enjoy our legacy, soak up the atmosphere of our past, learn from experienced guides and browse through the treasures of our history on the waters.

Your donation will help maintain this magnificent part of the Nation’s maritime heritage.

But most importantly, it will preserve WELLINGTON for many generations to come.