Adopted on 17th January 2024

  1. The membership shall be collectively known as the “Friends of the Wellington”.
  2. The Friends of the Wellington’s premises shall be on board the “WELLINGTON”, moored at Temple Stairs, Victoria Embankment, London, WC2R 2PN.
  3. The objects are specifically restricted to (a) ensuring the restoration, maintenance, and preservation of the “WELLINGTON” for the public benefit as part of the nation’s heritage, and (b) promoting the education of the public in the history and traditions of the Royal Navy and British Merchant Navy.


  1. The ultimate responsibility for The Friends of the Wellington and its management rests with the Board of the Wellington Trust (registered charity no. 1109066), a private limited company by guarantee without share capital use of ‘Limited’ exemption, and registered under the Companies Acts (company no. 05343257) (the “Wellington Trust”), which owns the “WELLINGTON”.
  2. The day-to-day running of the “Friends of the Wellington” shall be carried out by the management team, who shall be appointed by the Board of the Wellington Trust and fulfil such roles and responsibilities as the Board may from time-to-time determine.
  3. The management team shall:
    1. elect a Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Friends of the Wellington who will consult with the management team on a regular basis.
    2. represent the membership of the Friends of the Wellington and ensure that members’ views and opinions are made known to the Board of the Wellington Trust.
    3. advise the Board of the Wellington Trust on annual membership fees, the admission of members, and fundraising activities to support the charitable objectives of the Wellington Trust.
    4. advise on whether a member of the Friends of the Wellington should be suspended or have their membership cancelled.
    5. support the administration and management of the ship’s Wardroom.
    6. recommend changes to these Rules and advise on issues of governance and good conduct of the internal affairs of the Friends of the Wellington.


  1. Any person (aged 18+) who supports the Friends of the Wellington and the objects of the Wellington Trust is welcome as a member. In particular, the Board warmly encourages individual membership from the following professions:
    1. The Regular, Reserve and Auxiliary Forces of the Crown.
    2. Merchant Navy.
    3. HM Coastguard and RNLI.
    4. Towage & Salvage Operators.
    5. Marine Surveyors.
    6. Marine Pilots.
    7. Ship Brokers and Valuers.
    8. Port Operators.
    9. Marine Insurers & Insurance Brokers.
    10. Maritime Solicitors, Barristers & other Attorneys.
    11. Maritime Security Professionals.
    12. Freight Forwarders.
    13. Crewing Agents.
    14. Hydrographic and Oceanographic Surveyors.
    15. Maritime Engineers.
    16. Maritime Communication Engineers.
    17. Maritime Historians, Researchers, Journalists and Educators.
    18. Maritime Curators, Artists, and Crafts persons.
    19. Underwater Technologists.
    20. Shipwrights.
    21. Shipbuilders and Repairers.
    22. Maritime Equipment Manufacturers, Designers, and Operators.
    23. Maritime Leisure Operators.
    24. Marine Financiers.
    25. Public Servants (e.g., MCA, NSO, DFT or similar).
    26. Lighthouse Keepers.
    27. Lighterman and Waterman.
    28. Maritime Sportspersons (e.g., Athletes, Coaches, and
    29. Royal Yachting Association.
    30. Other Maritime organisations not mentioned here.


  1. The amount of the annual and life membership fees shall be determined by the Board of the Wellington Trust and shall be inclusive of VAT. No refunds can be claimed once the membership fee is paid. Memberships are not transferrable.
  2. A life member is not required to pay an annual membership fee and remains a member of the Friends of the Wellington until the member either resigns their membership or dies. A life membership is not inheritable.
  3. Annual and life memberships are not eligible for UK Gift Aid relief.


  1. In addition to any membership fee, the Wellington Trust welcomes further donations (eligible for Gift Aid) in support of its work. To make a donation, click here.


  1. Members are entitled to:
    1. come onboard the WELLINGTON during published opening times and make use of the ship’s Wardroom
    2. bring guests (accompanied by a member) into the Wardroom (*under 18s are not generally permitted in the Wardroom except at the discretion of the senior person on duty)
    3. receive advanced invitations to attend special events in the presence of our Royal Patron
    4. receive an invitation to the Annual Friends’ Reception
    5. receive advanced notification of online Heritage Lectures and of Wellington Trust fundraising events, exhibition openings and other special events
    6. receive the quarterly newsletter.

Refreshment costs are extra. Reservations are required but there are no booking fees. Please reserve your place(s) with the Trust’s Manager, Fiona Sparkes at or follow the instructions on your any invitations you receive.

  1. Attendance at events may incur an additional cost.
  2. The Wellington Trust reserves the right to amend the benefits of membership from time to time.
  3. Any member who wishes to cancel their membership should contact the Wellington Trust Manager, Fiona Sparkes ( before the expiration of the membership year.
  4. The Wellington Trust reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member, without compensation, in the event such member is determined to have breached these Rules or By-Laws.


  1. The Wellington Trust will collect personal information from members in order to administer the membership of the Friends of the Wellington and to personalise and develop the experience for members.
  2. Personal information will be processed by the Wellington Trust in accordance with UK GDPR and our registered number with the Information Commissioner’s Office to allow us to process member information lawfully is ZA273 3731.
  3. Personal information will be kept in accordance with our Data Retention Policy, for 6 years after a membership becomes inactive, for legal and tax purposes. A copy of the Privacy Policy is available, please click here.


The BY-LAWS & CODE OF CONDUCT are to be observed by all users of the Wardroom
onboard the WELLINGTON as at the date of their adoption stated above.


  1. No conduct unbecoming of members or of visitors to the WELLINGTON will be tolerated, including offensive behaviour to other members, guests, or staff.
  2. Members are expected to behave responsibly and treat the Wardroom with respect at all times.
  3. No political canvassing is permitted.
  4. A dress code for the Wardroom will be notified to members from time to time. Members are responsible for ensuring their guests are appropriately attired.
  5. The Wellington Trust or their representative may require any member or guest offending against these BY LAWS & CODE of CONDUCT to leave the premises, and if appropriate, suspend or terminate membership without refund of the unexpired portion.


  1. Members of the Friends of the Wellington may bring up to six guests each at any one time into the Wardroom to make use of the food and beverage facilities. Bookings are required, please contact the Trust Manager,
  2. Members and guests will be required to sign in on arrival and sign out on departure for security purposes.


  1. No gambling shall be permitted in the Wardroom or anywhere else onboard.


  1. The Wellington Trust shall not be liable for loss or damage to any coats, luggage, money, jewellery, valuables, or other personal effects.
  2. The cloak room is available free of charge to members. However, the Wellington Trust does not accept liability for any loss or damage of any item stored within.
  3. Members should not store items on board the ship overnight without permission from the senior person on duty.

Opening Hours

  1. The Wardroom shall be open for food and beverage service on such days and times as may be published on the Wellington Trust website.


  1. Alcohol shall only be sold and consumed in the Wardroom and those parts of the ship licensed for this purpose, and at the times laid down by the Licensing Authority (City of Westminster).
  2. Alcohol obtained in the Wardroom shall not be taken off the ship.
  3. Members or guests are not permitted to bring food and other refreshments onboard the ship for consumption in the Wardroom or other public areas of the ship.
  4. No illegal narcotics or other prohibited substances shall be brought onto or used in any part of the ship.
  5. Smoking and use of E cigarettes is prohibited onboard the ship.


  1. Children are allowed on the ship if access is permitted by the senior person on duty, Children under 18 must always be accompanied by an adult in the Wardroom and all other areas of the ship.


  1. No animals are allowed in the Wardroom other than quiet and well-behaved dogs (at the discretion of the senior person on duty). Assistance dogs are always permitted.

Mobile Phones

  1. Members are requested to make and receive mobile phone voice calls outside the Wardroom and consideration of other members is requested at all times.


  1. Members shall comply with such safety and security provisions as the Wellington Trust may reasonably prescribe. In the interests of general security, members must not leave any luggage unattended in any areas of the ship without permission from the senior person on duty.


  1. Members and their guests shall immediately evacuate the ship upon hearing a continuous alarm and shall follow any instructions of any person on duty.

Complaints and Suggestions

  1. Any formal complaints or suggestions (not made as general feedback) should be submitted in writing to the Board of the Wellington Trust. Complaints should be raised as soon as possible after the occurrence of the event giving rise to the complaint.

Government Restrictions

  1. The Wellington Trust will follow any government or other official restrictions that may govern the usage of the Wardroom or ship, when required to, either nationally or locally.

V1 17th January 2024.