After your group’s main session they will be split into three groups and carousel around 3 activities

Wellington and WWII

  • Full Steam Ahead – Our brand-new group augmented reality experience, Full Steam Ahead!
  • Merchant ship roles in WWII – find out how merchant ships changed roles and where sailors slept on board ship
  • Communications at sea – a school adult-led session where children have a go with semaphore flags and sending morse code

Rivers and Trade

  • Hands-on activity in the ship’s wheelhouse
  • All aboard! – How were merchant ships loaded and unloaded in the past and how has it changed in today’s world?
  • Communications at sea – A self-guided session led by an adult from your school. Children have a go with semaphore flags and sending Morse code. A clear plan is available to help guide you.

Timings and Pupil Numbers

Each facilitated session, including the Discovery Trail lasts approximately 1hr and 45 minutes and accommodates one class of 30 students, with a required adult to student ratio of 1:10.

Bookings can be made using the Primary Booking Form, or emailing