Our AR experience to accompany our Wellington in WWII session

As part of the trail element of your children’s visit to the ship they will engage in our brand-new augmented reality (AR) experience entitled Full Steam Ahead. This is currently only for the Wellington in WWII session. Children completing our Rivers and Trade session will still use the wheelhouse in the traditional way but without the AR.

Wellington’s role in WWII was to help protect merchant ships that were bringing in much needed supplies from around the world. Wellington spent some of her time as a convoy ship in the mid-Atlantic and this is where we find her in the group AR experience.

When on the trail in their small groups of 10 each of your children will take on one of the many crucial roles in controlling a ship. They could be anything from Captain to lookout, or officer of the watch to radar operator. All have an equally important role to play to enable HMS wellington to communicate with other ships in the convoy and then to engage with an enemy U-boat.

Your children will gain first-hand experience of the importance of teamwork and communication, whilst learning about why rationing was so important in wartime, in this exciting and engaging activity.