Starting in late April 2022

Maths students will be shown our exciting new augmented reality experience where they will see the ship’s engines working.

No other ship in London can offer this level of immersion and understanding.

After a brief tour, which covers the historical use of the vessel as a convoy ship in WWII the students will collaborate to explore and work out maths problems introduced through an online platform. All the maths is directly related to the ship through the A level syllabus.

Students will be encouraged to apply concepts and link previous learning to real-world situations in a unique and exciting educational environment.

Curriculum areas covered by our FREE sessions include

  • Mechanics

  • Probability & statistics


  • Positional vectors

  • Pythagoras’s theorem


  • Transformation of graphs

  • Trigonometry


We are able to host a maximum of 21 students and, due to the nature of the environment ask that there are a minimum of two school staff to support. If you are able to bring three members of staff it allows us to use an additional part of the ship.

We do ask that members of school staff who are in attendance on the visit are also confident with assisting students with maths at the A level standard.

The study days are generally held between 10.30 am and 2.30 pm but times can be negotiated if required. We can also run half day sessions.

Whether you choose to visit for the whole day or just half a day we will give you access to the tasks on the platform through passwords, these will remain active for one week. This will then allow you to further explore the tasks in the classroom or through homework.

Give your students the chance to apply their learning to a real-world situation and really test their learning, and understanding of maths.

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